With the continuous lockdown restrictions along with the endless challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Brighton Savoy hotel has decided to close down its operations. We cannot imagine how hard it must be for them to make this decision. For years, Brighton Savoy has been a part of many peoples’ love stories and therefore this news has been very heartbreaking for couples who have reserved the Brighton Savoy wedding packages planning to have their dream weddings. Couples have already paid thousands of dollars as deposits and are worried that they are not going to get their money back.

Read the full article about the close down of Brighton Savoy hotel Melbourne Australia and the reaction of couples who have already paid the deposits – Brighton Savoy A Current Affair

We know that the period you get ready for your wedding should be a memorable and a stress free one and we are so sorry to hear about the inconvenience and stress you had to go through during the last couple of weeks. And also we know how hard it is to find a replacement venue that you love within a short period of time and to add to that having lost a large portion of money that you have saved for the wedding. But don’t worry, our team at The Grand Receptions is more than happy to help you make your dream wedding a reality.

You can have the wedding just as you planned. You only have to select a wedding package at The Grand Receptions that matches your budget and your requirements. We are offering a credit up-to $3000 to all those who had booked their weddings at Brighton Savoy Melbourne and paid the full deposit. All you have to do is to provide us with proof of payment made to Brighton Savoy and you can reserve the dates for your big day with us. We will deduct the total deposit you have already paid as the Brighton Savoy wedding cost off your total package! So you really don’t have to worry about getting back your deposit from Brighton Savoy.

Our dedicated team at The Grand Receptions will make sure that everything is tailored to match your vision. We have multiple packages for you to choose from ranging from silver to platinum to match all your requirements. Our team will assist you not only during the day of your wedding but throughout the process from when you start planning the event till the very end to make sure you and your loved ones have everything you need.

We have helped hundreds of couples to make their dream weddings a reality and we guarantee that we will make your day as beautiful and memorable as possible.

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